Books That Debunk History

The Who Murdered? book series is one of the most interesting ever published. It combines murder, suspense, cold case, celebrity and true crime venues as it solves some of history’s greatest mysteries. When the series is completed it will feature six individual volumes revealing the naked truth that history’s most famous deaths were not natural. Each volume requires years to research, document and cite as information that has been hidden for decades is fully investigated. Each murder suspect is screened for motive, means and opportunity as both the murderer and the method are revealed. These books make great gifts and conversation pieces, and are a must have for that special “someone” on your list.

Who Murdered Elvis

No one in history has done more digging into the dark forces at work behind Elvis's fame than author Steve Ubaney. In Volume I of his six volume series Mr. Ubaney investigates every part of Presley’s FBI involvement, his managers mafia connections, and the cover-up surrounding his mysterious death.

Who Murdered FDR

It's time to investigate FDR’s mysterious death in a way that no one else ever has. Grab your thinking cap and join author Steve Ubaney in volume II of his six volume Who Murdered? book series as he probes every part of FDR's checkered death. Newly discovered medical evidence cracks the case wide open.

Who Murdered Elvis

Five years after Who Murdered Elvis? we dug deeper. Ten years of investigation is now complete. This book goes beyond the knowledge of Elvis being made a federal agent by President Nixon. It goes beyond the knowledge of Elvis’ father, doctor, chief of security and his girlfriend suspecting foul play. The truth just got bigger.

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Who Murdered Diana

Princess Diana’s was the queen of people’s hearts and it is in our hearts that we will always live on in people’s hearts, and it is in our hearts that we can still feel the tragedy. Despite the repeated efforts of the royal family to convince people otherwise, people know that she was murdered.

Who Murdered Tesla

How was the most brilliant man in the modern era erased from history? The same people who murdered him burned his laboratory destroying his priceless designs and eventually wrote him out of our schoolbooks. Don’t be fooled into dismissing his age as an explanation for his death. He was constantly stalked by government operatives.

Who Murdered JFK

We will be knocking the ugly off this one very soon. Stay tuned!