Is it just a ``theory`` if you have evidence?

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These true crime books solve the cold cases of murdered celebrities


This cold case book series is one of the most interesting ever written. Author and historical researcher, Steve Ubaney, re-investigates famous murders solving their cold cases with newly found evidence discovered decades after the wrong conclusions had been written in the history books. The historical record that had been written on each of these murdered celebrities have been have incorrectly documented for decades as they claimed that their deaths were due to natural causes. They were not, they were murdered. Each volume in this true crime book series examines the cold case files of these famous murders as they rewrite history using newly uncovered facts from government documents, deathbed confessions, published diaries and newly discovered witnesses officially rewrite history. Each book volume has been a multi-year undertaking as they carefully and painstakingly research, document, and cite they newly uncovered facts to gather the murder suspects. The suspects are then run through the three elements of a crime: motive, means and opportunity revealing who the murders were and how they murder took place. This unique book series of murdered celebrities is a cross genre marvel that is very popular who those who enjoy celebrity books, history books, true crime books, suspense books, conspiracy books, mystery books and much more. Finally, after decades of being maligned in history, justice has finally been delivered to the people in the series as the cold cases of these murdered celebrities and other famous murders has been done. These true crime books that have been written about murdered celebrities make great gifts and conversation pieces and are a must have for anyone who enjoys a book that they just can’t put down. In these volumes, cold cases will be solved, and history will be rewritten. Order your books now!