Who Murdered Diana?

Volume IV 2021
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Princess Diana was murdered on August 31st 1997

This is the book that everyone has been waiting for because it’s unlike any book that’s ever been written about Princess Diana’s death. This shocking new book answers all of your questions about the life, mysterious death, and the cover up of one of the kindest women that has ever graced the Royal Family. This book launched a three-year fact finding and investigative expedition that explains who wanted her dead, why they wanted her dead, how they did it and how they covered it up. The carefully planned disinformation campaign about Diana’s death that was launched by those responsible and promoted to the international media successfully threw millions of people off the trail – but not everyone.

Mr. Ubaney puzzled over and explained the following questions revealing how this murder was made possible. Why was eyewitness testimony to the crash given to the French police and then discarded? Why were none of the cameras going in or out of Pont de l’Alma tunnel operational on the night of the crash, and only on the night of the crash? Why did Diana’s ambulance pass and ignore taking her to two closer hospitals on their way to getting her to a hospital? Why did it take almost two hours to get Diana medical care? One of the most chilling facts of the investigation (or rather the lack of an investigation) is how fast the crash site was sanitized, hosed down and the roadway reopened.

This draws a shocking parallel to the mysteriously sanitized death scenes of Elvis Presley, Sonny Liston, Marilyn Monroe and the quickly washed blood splatter in the limousine of JFK which, in every case, if left intact, could have helped investigators solve their murders. These hastily sanitized death scenes did not happen by accident. After carefully explaining all of necessary facts, situations and characters, the book screens the suspects through the necessary steps of motive, means and opportunity. In the end you will all know who was responsible for murdering Diana, The Princess of Wales.