Who Murdered Elvis? 5th Anniversary Edition

Volume III  2018
Who Murdered Elvis? 2nd Edition book cover

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Five years later the evidence of Elvis' murder got bigger

Volume III in the Who Murdered? book series is truly one of the most unique and in-depth books on Elvis Presley ever written. Not only does it take a probing look into how Elvis was raised and how he developed his musical style,  it also chronicles his life and mysterious death like no other book on the market today. Whether you’re an Elvis fan or just love a great cold case murder mystery, this book is a must have.

Five years after we blew the lid off of Elvis Presley’s murder with the publication of Who Murdered Elvis? we dug deeper. This book goes beyond the knowledge of Elvis Presley being made a federal agent by President Nixon. It goes beyond the knowledge of Elvis’ father, doctor, chief of security, his costar and his girlfriend all suspecting foul play. It goes beyond Elvis posing FBI agents as band members when he played in Las Vegas to gather information against the mob.

The Who Murdered Elvis? 5th Anniversary Edition reveals the other celebrities who knew that he was murdered and tells the story of what happened to them when they spoke out. It also tells the story of what happened to the author after the original book was released.

Five years later the cover-up is alive and well and there are people who are very committed to keep it that way. With the publication of this book ten years of solid investigation into the death of Elvis Presley has been completed. The truth just got bigger and bolder in so many ways. Can you handle the truth?

Elvis’ doctor claims he was murdered. Current Affair 11-19-1990

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