Who Murdered JFK?

Volume VI 2020
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President Kennedy was murdered on November 22nd 1963

There has never been an event that has shocked and divided people like the assassination of President Kennedy. Conspiracy theorists have claimed that many groups had motive to kill JFK. The Mafia helped him get elected, and once in office, he started to hunt them down. Fidel Castro and Nikkita Khrushchev were both enemies of JFK. Castro wanted revenge for a failed assassination attempt. Khrushchev’s Communist presence in our hemisphere spawned the Cuban Missile Crisis and JFK’s military force resulted in the USSR’s de-escalation.

On the domestic front JFK was trying to disband the Federal Reserve and tax the big oil producers in Texas. Also, his forced desegregation of public schools in the south was not popular. His VP, Lyndon Johnson, who sealed the election for him in 1960 by delivering the electoral votes from Texas, became increasingly dissatisfied in playing such a minor role in the administration while the president’s brother, RFK, took on his duties and responsibilities.

Those on the lone gunman side painted Oswald as a fatherless sociopath growing up with few friends and an overbearing mother, which molded him into an angry misfit. His personal demons drove him to escape his tortured life and join the Marine Corps. Upon his honorable release from active duty he defected to the Soviet Union in October 1959 settling in Russian city of Minsk.

He returned to the US in June of 1962 as a self-proclaimed Communist and Marxist involving himself in televised pro-Castro activities. On November 22nd 1963 Oswald shot and killed JFK from the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository. Less than an hour later, after assassinating Kennedy, he shot and killed Dallas police officer J. D. Tippit. He then hid in a movie theater where he was arrested and eventually charged with both murders.

Only one of these stories can be true. Now, finally, for the first time, a book has been written that complies the evidence from both sides, adds new evidence, and allows the readers to decide for themselves if the president was shot in a conspiracy involving multiple people or by a lone gunman named Lee Harvey Oswald. I report, you decide. This is a book for the ages.