Who Murdered Tesla?

Volume V 2020
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Nicola Tesla was murdered on January 5th 1943

Tesla fans everywhere will be shocked to learn that his death wasn’t the natural passing of an old man as it had been reported for more than 75 years. It was something else – it was murder. This tall, dark, Serbian genius spoke eight languages, filed 278 patents in 26 countries and started to develop technologies that threatened the world’s most influential people. The more notoriety he gained and more influential his work became, the more he became viewed as a threat by those who still had profitable monopolies on their outdated technologies. As his inventions grew in magnitude, he became the target of powerful enemies as he was making their business empires obsolete while gaining rock star publicity. This couldn’t continue.

In 1895, while at the peak of his influence, an arson torched his New York laboratory destroying decades of notes, sketches, calculations and equipment. This sabotage resulted in the greatest loss of inventive design in modern history, and it was Tesla’s first warning. He wasn’t to step on the toes of the powerful again. As he grew older and began to develop weapons to help end the second world war, he became fearful of his safety and lived the life of a recluse in a hotel room in New York City. There he became ridiculed by his contemporaries and continuously watched by the FBI. When his body was discovered, two days after his death, his room had already ransacked and some of his most important documents were taken. The investigation into Nicola Tesla’s death carefully explains all of necessary facts, situations and characters. This book screens the suspects through the necessary steps of motive, means and opportunity and in the end you will all know who was responsible for murdering the worlds wizard of electricity.