Who Murdered Diana? – Princess Diana’s Death is Solved


Who Murdered Diana? is volume four of the Who Murdered? book series. Was her death just an average car accident, a pre-planned crash by the royal family, or was there an invisible thread behind both of these governments calling the shots? This book delves deep into the power players, and their agenda, that were responsible for her tragic demise. In the end you will know who murdered Diana.

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Who Murdered Diana? is the fourth volume in the Who Murdered? book series. It is a probing look at the life of the princess from childhood up to and including her courtship to royalty, her time in the palace, her tormented marriage, her post marriage affairs, and finally her murder. The book dissects and probes her post marriage life and the enemies that she made outside (and inside) of the palace. The royal family snubbed her inside the walls of the castle, and she fared no better on the outside. Her boyfriend’s where threatened, her phones were tapped, and she constantly feared for her life. This harassment intensified when she started making political statements, pushed for an international anti-landmine legislation and started publicly courting a wealthy Arab named Dodi Al Fayed. This book looks beyond the boundaries of what other authors have researched by removing the tunnel vision that has existed for more than two decades. In the end, this book lives up to its name revealing, Who Murdered Diana? To learn more scroll to the bottom of the page and click the red “Get more information’ button.


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