Who Murdered Tesla? – Nikola Tesla’s Inventions, Weapons and Death


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Who Murdered Tesla? is volume five of the Who Murdered? book series. The book reveals how he rose from humble beginnings to develop powerful weapons, innovations and inventions that threatened with the worlds power elite and their global strangle hold. Tesla’s death was not the natural death of an old man. It was far more sinister.

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Who Murdered Tesla? is the sixth and final volume in the Who Murdered? book series. The book probes the rise, the fall and the murder of quite possibly the most brilliant man the world has ever known. This book delves into the background of the inventor explaining the humble beginnings of the genius and how he positioned himself to transform American society. The second half of the book explains how the impoverished genius was reduced into being a paranoid recluse convinced that he was being spied on by governmental operatives. He wasn’t wrong.

Decades after he created Alternating Current in the rejected shadows of Thomas Edison, the genius made a discovery that could end war the second world war. His electromagnetic particle beam could destroy everything from a fleet of planes to entire cities from a great distance. Rejected by FDR in favor of the Manhattan Project, he began negotiating with the Soviet Union. He was soon found dead in his New York City apartment and all of his drawings, files and plans had been stolen. There were signs of a struggle. In the end I reveal who murdered Nikola Tesla?


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