Who Murdered Elvis?

Volume I
Who Murdered Elvis First Edition

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A fascinating book on Elvis Presley's death

You’ll be shocked and amazed to discover that a five-year investigation revealed actual evidence that foul play existed in Elvis Presley’s death. Volume I in the book series, probes every part of Elvis Presley’s mysterious death, FBI involvement, and the sinister forces at work during the final days of his career. Here are a few questions that are answered in this book on Elvis’ death.

Why has history ignored the 1990 television interview given by Elvis’ doctor where he not only claimed that Elvis was murdered but named the murderer? Why did the City of Memphis, and the Shelby County District Attorney, ignore the evidence of foul play? Why were the first words out of Vernon Presley’s mouth, upon learning of his son’s death, “my God, they’ve murdered my son!?” Why did Vernon hire two Private Investigators to find the murderer? What you haven’t been told is shocking.

Of all the books on Elvis Presley this one is a game changer. For the first time ever, a book written on Elvis Presley’s death probes and questions every aspect of the oddities that occurred after his Elvis’ death and exposes a massive cover-up. Why have they worked so hard to keep the truth from you? If there’s nothing to hid, why hide it? This book written on Elvis Presley’s death uses new facts to reveal who is behind the coverup and why. The other books on Elvis were a fairy tale. If you can handle the truth click the button below and order your copy now!

Elvis’ doctor admits he was murdered

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