Historian, Investigative reporter and Keynote Speaker


Stephen Ubaney (a.k.a. Steve Ubaney) is an author, historian, investigative reporter, publisher, and keynote speaker. He’s the owner of four college degrees and has been inducted into multiple national and international honor societies. In 2012 became the architect of the popular Who Murdered? book series. This fascinating series uses newly uncovered evidence to solve celebrity deaths decades after their cases have been closed proving that they were actually murdered. The probing book series delves into the deaths of: Elvis Presley, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Princess Diana, Nicola Tesla, and many others. Being a poetry influenced historian, his work is an eclectic mixture of colorful story lines and detailed investigation that rivets the reader.

He has earned high praise for his research methods and investigative journalism as his cross-genre book series has become a favorite of those interested in mystery, murder, cold case, suspense, history, conspiracy, and organized crime. Mr. Ubaney is a historian has been the featured guest on hundreds of national and international television, radio and podcast interviews and has generated a cult following for his ability to capture the reader while filtering the murder suspects through motive, means and opportunity. In the end of each volume in the series, the murderer and the method are both revealed through the use of the criminal process. Notorious for avoiding book signings; autographed copies are rare.

Mr. Ubaney is a proud member of both the Sons of the American Revolution and The Mayflower Society. His family history is fascinating as they were among the first to organize the resistance against the King of England and flee to the new world. His ancestor, John Howland, came to America on the Mayflower in rebellion of the King trading his indentured servitude to Governor John Carver in exchange for his passage.

Verified documents at The New England Historical and Genealogical Register indicate that during the voyage Howland was among the 41 signers of the Mayflower Compact, and in 1624 he married fellow Mayflower passenger Elizabeth Tilley. Mr. Ubaney is among their descendants, along with other notables such as Kevin Bacon, Alec Baldwin, Stephen Baldwin, Humphrey Bogart, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry Cabot Lodge, Christopher Lloyd, Sarah Heath Palin, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Dr. Benjamin Spock, Chevy Chase, and John Lithgow

Mr. Ubaney’s tenth grandfather, William Chase, came to America on the Winthrop Fleet in 1630. Their family eventually split over the revolutionary war as half of the family pledged loyalty to the King, while the other half joined the colonial rebellion. This severed the family and would eventually lead to a name change of the Loyalists from Chase to Chace. The family that sided with the rebellion would eventually go on to form the Chase bank / credit card conglomerate. William Chase’s son, Benjamin, would go on to marry a direct descendant of US General William Tecumseh Sherman making Mr. Ubaney cousins with the following list of notables . . .

  • Susan B. Anthony – Women’s Rights Advocate
  • Henry Crapo – 14th Governor of Michigan
  • James Sherman – 27th U.S. Vice-President
  • Sir Winston Churchill – British Prime Minister
  • Christopher Lloyd – Actor, Director, Producer
  • Janis Joplin – Singer and Songwriter
  • Gene Roddenberry – Creator of Star Trek
  • George H. W. Bush – 41st U.S. President
  • Mamie Eisenhower – First Lady of President Eisenhower
  • Marilyn Monroe – American Actress, Model, and Singer.
  • George W. Bush – 43rd U.S. President
  • Jeb Bush – 43rd Governor of Florida
  • Roger Sherman – Signer of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence
  • Herbert Hoover – 31st U.S. President
  • John Lithgow, Stage – TV, and Movie Actor
  • Robert Treat Paine – Signer of the Declaration of Independence
  • Sir Robert Baird Borden – 8th Prime Minister of Canada
  • Lucretia Garfield – First Lady of President Garfield
  • Harriet Beecher Stowe – Author / Abolitionist
  • Tennessee Williams – Author, Playwright, Screenwriter
  • William Howard Taft – 27th U.S. President
  • Charles Edward Merrill – Founder of Merrill Lynch
  • Jane Fonda – Actress, Political Activist
  • Henry Fonda – American Actor
  • Peter Fonda – Actor, Director, Screenwriter
  • Norman Rockwell – American Artist
  • William Rufus Day – 36th U.S. Secretary of State
  • John Steinbeck – Author and Nobel Prize Winner
  • Aaron Rodgers – NFL Quarterback

Many of Mr. Ubaney’s ancestors fought for America’s independence in the Revolutionary War. Samuel Kidder was killed in battle as his military detail were among the first to fire shots to repel the British at the Battle of Concord on April 19, 1775. Peter Pennock fought, with eight of his brothers, in the Battle of Saratoga on September 18, 1777. There, all but one of Pennock’s brothers were killed. A book entitled “Brothers in Arms” by Lee Pennock Huntington depicted the events.

Conrad Near Sr., was killed October 19, 1780 at the Battle of Klock’s Field in the Mohawk Valley NY. Conrad’s son, 7-year-old Conrad Jr., fighting alongside his father, took his father’s Masonic ring off his finger just prior to being kidnapped by Indians and taken to prison camp in Canada. There a British solider spotted the ring, and being a Mason himself, secretly freed him at nightfall. The boy eventually found his way to Chautauqua County NY where Mr. Ubaney was born and raised.

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