Who Murdered Diana?

Volume IV
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A fascinating book on the Princess Diana’s conspiracy

Who Murdered Diana? is volume IV in the book series and the information that it reveals is too hot for traditional publishers. 14 literary agents presented it to major publishing houses and each time they ran away from it. For some reason, no one wanted to see the new evidence that was gathered about Princess Diana’s conspiracy and her strange death. Finally, the author created his own publishing company to take his information directly to the people.

For the first time, an American investigative reporter has probed Princess Diana’s death and has uncovered new evidence that proves, beyond any question or doubt, that there was a massive conspiracy to murder her. Newly uncovered evidence from France breaks the case wide open and they explain how Diana’s days of meddling in global affairs threatened the worlds balance of power. This book on the Princess Diana conspiracy is unlike any written work on the subject before or since.

Who Murdered Diana? is the product of a 4,000 hours of investigation that explains who wanted Diana dead, why they wanted her dead, how they did it, and how they covered it up. Diana’s mysteriously sanitized death scene, tainted evidence, and force-fed media spin drew eerie parallels to the suspicious deaths of Elvis Presley, JFK, Nicola Tesla, FDR, Sonny Liston, and Marilyn Monroe. All of these important people in history rubbed the wrong people, the wrong way. There have been many books on Princess Diana, but none explain her conspiracy and death in such detail.

The contents of this book on Princess Diana may be disturbing for some readers, but in the end, the title of the book will be fulfilled, and you will know, Who Murdered Diana? Don’t wait, order your copy today!