If you’re interested in reading mystery books, books on history or true crime books, then this book series is perfect for you. No, you won’t find this book series in the mainstream, and there a reason for that. They’re horrified of what it uncovers. The Who Murdered? book series is a multi-genre page turner that’s the only one of its kind. These books investigate the deaths of famous people with new information merging the genres of mystery, suspense, history, celebrity, non-fiction, conspiracy and true crime that you’ll find impossible to put down. These “easy to read” book volumes begin by exploring the history of each person chronicling the decades old story that led to their death. Then the story is re-investigated using new methods, new evidence and new technology proving that the person was murdered and that the widely publicized cause of death was wrong.

To reveal the murderer and the method used, each volume gathers the suspects and screens them through the elements of a crime: motive, means and opportunity. In the end, the process, not an individual opinion, reveals what actually happened to the person highlighted in the volume. Each one of these action-packed mystery books takes years to investigate, research, write and publish, creating a one-of-a-kind experience for the reader. This award winning book series has been called one of the best ever written and it will have you that will have you turning pages long into the night.

Buy a copy and you’ll understand why this book series is exploding in popularity and have gained such a cult following. These books on history are different than anything you’ve read before and now Hollywood has taken notice. In late 2022, two very popular streaming networks have expressed interest in turning the books that have been written, as well as the books yet to come, into a multi-episode series. As 2023 unfolds the pilot for each book volume is being written and the plans are being made for its debut. Grab your copy and you’ll see why they’ve become everyone’s favorite gift and conversation piece. Click the images below to order your books today!

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