How did Elvis Presley die?


How and when did Elvis Presley die? Volume I of the book series shocked the world when they discovered that a book exists with actual evidence of an Elvis conspiracy. This book isn’t based on hearsay, blurry photographs, phony telephone recordings, or fake sightings. This book contains actual evidence and legal documents that prove the unthinkable. Elvis’s death was not natural, and drugs weren’t a factor – Elvis was murdered! If you want to know how and when Elvis Presley died, this exhaustive five-year investigation is perfect for you. It’s not the story you’ve been told, but it’s the story you need to know. Order you copy of the book now!

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Who Murdered Elvis? is a celebrity “whodunit” that takes a clinical look at the death of Elvis Presley. It does what every good investigation should do. It uses an unbiased process, from beginning to end, to reveal the true cause of his death, the murderer and the method. First, I chronicle the event of Presley’s death. Then I go through the interviews of the “eye” wittiness’s who discovered his body. None of their stories aligned. Was he in bed? on the floor? on the toilet? There were many holes in their stories.

Next, I went through the discovery. In the discovery I describe the time period chronicling the events that happened just prior to his death. This included damning discussions between the people that were closest to Elvis and even a few that had firsthand knowledge of a sinister undertow. As the investigation continued I spoke with man who removed Presley’s vital organs at the autopsy. Based on his findings I was able to uncover that Elvis didn’t die of a drug overdose or a heart attack which conflicted with the stated cause of death of “cardiac arrhythmia.” One by one, each of the four modes of death would be investigated: 1) Natural causes 2) Suicide 3) Accidental death 4) Murder. In the end, it would be murder.

Why did many witnesses see a mysterious car racing away from the Graceland at the same time Elvis’ corpse was being discovered?  Why were empty syringes found at the death scene when there were no needle marks on the corpse? Elvis was a Federal Narcotics Agent work for President Nixon and his manager was in the mafia. The two didn’t mix well and the plot thickened.

As the investigation continued the suspects came in to play. As I examined each person of interest I ran them through the exacting process of Motive, Means and Opportunity. In the end only one person had access. Only one person murdered the superstar. Next, I needed to determine how he murdered Elvis based on technical and medical evidence.  As the book ends I reveal how they gained entry, the path of the assassin, who they were, who assisted them on the inside and how they escaped.

Incredibly, Elvis’ doctor, father, co-star, and even his chief of security knew that he was murdered. Immediately after the funeral his father, Vernon Presley, tried to press local law enforcement to investigate, but each attempt was blocked. Vernon would hire two private investigators to probe his famous son’s death, but he would die before it was finished. This is the only book that finishes Vernon Presley’s probe.

I hope you enjoy this book, it took years to research and write.


Steve Ubaney

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  1. JakeVegas

    Great Book!! I am an avid listener of The Von Wehunt Show and I heard the two shows of author Steve Ubaney talking about Who Murdered Elvis? And Who Murdered FDR? and I rushed out to buy both books! VERY interesting and I have never seen this evidence before anywhere and it is a must read for all fans of Elvis and history buffs especially about the World War II era when it pertains to FDR. Elvis was murdered and FDR was too and both books showcase our very dangerous world and what can happen to entertainers and political power brokers alike. Very cool book and both are in my personal library. Big Thanks for publishing this great intel!!

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