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Looking for Nikola Tesla books? Volume V in the book series investigates Nikola Tesla’s death revealing evidence that he was murdered. There have been so many books on Nikola Tesla, it’s hard to believe that they aren’t all the same, but this Nikola Tesla book is different. This book on Tesla’s death names the powerful enemies around world who feared that he’d put them out of business. As his innovations grew in magnitude and popularity, he became the target of people who owned monopolies that were built on outdated technologies. Tesla was threatening to upset balance of power in the world, and he needed to be stopped. This is the only book on Nikola Tesla that lists the murder suspects running them through the criminal process of motive, means and opportunity. In the end of the book the murderer, and their method will be revealed. Order your Nikola Tesla book now!

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Who Murdered Tesla? is the fifth and final volume in the book series. The book probes the rise, the fall and the murder of the most brilliant man the world has ever known. The first half of the book delves into the background of the inventor explaining his humble beginnings and how he positioned himself to transform the world. The second half of the book explains how he was reduced to being a recluse and was spied on by military operatives.

Decades after he created Alternating Current in the rejected shadows of his employer, Thomas Edison, the genius was virtually penniless and in need of another big score to sustain himself. What he came up with was an electromagnetic particle beam weapon that he wanted to market to the US military to end the second world war. This invention, called his “Death Ray”, was purported to do everything from take out an entire fleet of planes at a great distance, to implode cities. In 1940 he began marketing this invention to the United States in the hopes of making his fortune. This ran contrary to FDR’s nuclear ambitions of the Manhattan Project.

When the US had no interest in the weapon, he started searching for other buyers. One of those buyers was Joseph Stalin. Stalin was a temporary ally of the US but wanted the product to help his country’s future global domination in the post war world. In 1943, during negations, the inventor is found dead in his New York City apartment. When the proper authorities were summoned to depose of the corpse, they noticed a stunning revelation. All of Tesla’s “Death Ray” drawings, files and plans were missing and there were signs of a struggle.

Official government documents state that there were 80 trunks of scientific research equipment that were taken from Tesla’s apartment after his death. Mysteriously only 60 have been accounted for. Who has the rest of the trucks and what is in them? Did government operatives murder Tesla to keep him from selling his weapon to other counties? Did Stalin’s operatives murder Tesla to keep the weapon out of the hands of the US government? Did one of his helpers kill him to steal his research for their own monetary gain? This book answers all of these questions, and more.

As with all books in the series the suspects are gathered and screened through the process of motive, means and opportunity. In the end, there can be only one murderer and I reveal who murdered Nicola Tesla?  This is a book that you wouldn’t want to miss. It’s one of my personal favorites


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