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How did FDR die? Volume II of the book series reveals new evidence proving that FDR’s death wasn’t brought on by the advance of polio, it was brought on by the advance of poisoning. When FDR’s body didn’t respond to the barrage of medicines that his doctors were prescribing, everyone started asking questions. His doctors became so baffled they took FDR to the nations most accomplished medical expert. Those newly declassified documents reveal that FDR was being slowly poisoned which caused his cerebral hemorrhage. Rumors of FDR’s murder swirled until 1957 when Eleanor Roosevelt hired a private investigator to get to the bottom of the president’s suspicious death. In the end, the book lives up to its title as it reveals Who Murdered FDR?. This is one of the best books ever written that lists his enemies and explains how FDR died. You won’t want to miss it. Order your copy now!

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Who Murdered FDR? is a “whodunit” of epic proportions. It takes a clinical look at the death of the 32nd President in a way that no one ever has. It separates the mystique from the man and conducts an unbiased investigation. The investigation begins by asking the most obvious of questions.

How could FDR, Hitler and Mussolini all die at the end of the war within 18 days? How could FDR magically die of natural causes just as allied troops were storming Hitler’s bunker? The natural death of FDR was debunked as a fairy tale by countless hours of research at the National Archives, reading published diaries and even looking though FDR’s recently published doctor’s letters.

Classified documents revealed that both FDR and his wife had embraced the newly found ideology of Communism. The New Deal legislation and explosion of social programs were modeled after Stalin’s economy as FDR worked in concert with him throughout the war. Eleanor on the other hand was closely connected to Harry Hopkins who was later identified by a former KGB agent as a Russian operative.

As the war raged on more and more German and Russian spies infiltrated FDR’s White House as assassination attempts on opposition leaders increased. Hitler had 25 assassination attempts against him and the Nazi’s tried to assassinate Churchill with an exploding chocolate bar. They had other plans for FDR. In 1943 FDR met the allied leaders at the Tehran Conference. While eating dinner he became violently ill and needed to be removed from the room. Upon his return to Washington, he found his personal secretary, Marvin McIntyre, dead of a strange cerebral hemorrhage.

Soon after FDR exhibits strange health problems. After his meals his blood pressure, hemoglobin and heart rate begin to race out of control and then return to normal without warning. Baffled, his doctors took him to Dr. Frank Lahey who was the most famous surgeon of the day. He determined that FDR was dying but not as a result of the advance of polio. The symptoms don’t align, but they did align with poisoning.

Months later, at the Yalta conference, FDR is frail and weak with his mouth gaping open as he tries to concentrate. On the return trip his senior military aide dies aboard the Navy vessel of another strange cerebral hemorrhage. Two months later FDR would be dead of a cerebral hemorrhage in the presence of two Russian spies.

The assassins were screened through the motive, means and opportunity revealing that Stalin didn’t want to share the world with FDR – he wanted to rule it. There would be no autopsy and no open casket. In 1957 Eleanor would commission a private investigator to probe FDR’s death. He would find that FDR’s medical records were stolen from a locked file at Bethesda. Four people had those keys, but no one was talking.

This book was an enormous undertaking that reveals the true facts of FDR’s death. I hope you enjoy it.


Steve Ubaney

2 reviews for FDR’s death: How did FDR die?

  1. Peter Secosh

    I’m a big fan of Ubaney’s ‘Who Murdered’ series, I just finished reading his book ‘Who Murdered FDR?’ I had heard for years the theory that FDR was assassinated in 1945, but I had never researched it in any particular detail. Frankly, I found the concept outlandish. Everyone knows Roosevelt was sick with polio, don’t they? In the vein of a detective keeping an open-mind and seeing where the evidence leads him, Ubaney lays out motive and opportunity, precisely and logically presenting the evidence for his air-tight case. In the end, the reader is left with one, and only one conclusion.

  2. Chuck Ochelli – Host of The Ochelli Effect

    Author Stephen Ubaney managed to convince me that I should have added FDR to my list of American Presidents whose deaths require re-investigation. In less than 240 pages he writes a logical and unique narrative that should excite a conspiracy advocate and cause a seasoned skeptic to question the truth about a less-likable head of state than JFK, That despite the official story may indeed have been destroyed by less hidden but equally ignored suspects in a murder almost no one knows was indeed an assassination. Who Murdered FDR is an easy read that informs and only provides stress on what you thought you knew before opening the book.

    Chuck Ochelli – Host of The Ochelli Effect
    AKA The Blind JFK Researcher

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