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What was Elvis Presley’s cause of death? Volume III in the book series contains information from the investigator of the death scene and reveals his real cause of death. This book goes beyond the knowledge of Elvis Presley being made a federal agent by President Nixon, and his father, doctor, chief of security and his girlfriend all suspecting foul play. Five years after the first book was released, the Elvis Presley death cover-up is alive and well, and there are people who committed to keep it that way. With the publication of this book on Presley’s mysterious death, ten years of investigation has been completed. This book contains the longest and most thorough investigation into the Elvis Presley’s true cause of death on the market. The truth just got bigger. Order your copy now!

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Who Murdered Elvis the 5th Anniversary Edition is volume III in the book series and is a continuation of the celebrity “whodunit” in volume I. Like volume I in the series it takes a clinical look at Elvis’ death using an unbiased process, from beginning to end, revealing Elvis Presley’s cause of his death, the murderer, and the method. It chronicles the events of Presley’s mysterious death outlining witness testimony of those who discovered his body, and the lies that were later discovered.

This book takes the reader through the discovery of the events and includes damning discussions between the people that were closest to Elvis and even a few that had firsthand knowledge of a sinister undertow. It features exclusive information that was provided from one of the doctors at the autopsy who removed and inspected Presley’s vital organs. Based on his findings, it was determined that Elvis Presley’s cause of death wasn’t a drug overdose or a heart attack.

Like the first book, each murder suspect was put through the paces of motive, means and opportunity revealing the one person who had access to murder the superstar, and describes how Elvis’ doctor, father, co-star, and chief of security knew that he was murdered. This book also finishes Vernon Presley’s probe to find Elvis’ murderer; but what this book includes that is different from volume I, is the back story of what happened to the author after the first book was published. This book takes you on a wild ride that you won’t want to miss.


Steve Ubaney

2 reviews for Elvis Presley’s cause of death

  1. Von Wehunt

    I first heard of the very talented author Steve Ubaney on a national radio show and then I could not wait to get him on the air on my show as well. In the process I wanted to focus on the book “Who Murdered Elvis?” on our first show. The book is an easy read and has a laser focus on what really happened to the pop icon. I always felt that the purported Elvis Death had some foul play involved. We can see in the book how many nefarious groups can conspire together for this “crime of the century” since it becomes readily apparent that Elvis Presley was worth more dead than alive…..and once again, the age-old spectre and axiom of killing and murdering “The King” for profit raises its ugly head to us again and again throughout history.

    To understand the demise of Elvis is to understand America today…..and oh “what a tangled web we weave” as they say….The author also discusses the apparent fear and concern Elvis had about powerful moguls, government intelligence agencies and even the entertainment crime syndicate goombas who surrounded the Elvis musical career. The book is a real eye opener and will challenge your conventional thinking regarding one of America’s most beloved entertainers of all time. Elvis Presley was murdered and assassinated in Graceland his beloved home and sanctuary like a mafia killing. You can no longer be naive after reading this book. Bravo!! And Well Done Sir!! I can’t wait to delve into the author’s other books to learn more about the real and intriguing world that we truly live in. As I say on the radio each week….”We are a World at War!” and the killing and murder of Elvis Presley makes no exception. An Amazing Read and one for the ages.

  2. J. Thomas

    Truly one of the best books ever written on Elvis Presley’s death. Take the time to read the decades of EVIDENCE that has been complied in this book. Hats off to the author – keep the books coming.

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