Who Murdered Elvis? 5th Anniversary Edition

Volume III
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How did Elvis die?

How did Elvis Presley die? Volume III in the book series is a continuation of volume I which tells the complete story as well as the back story of the investigation. This the most in-depth and shocking book on Elvis Presley’s death ever written. It researches, investigates, and chronicles his mysterious death like no other book on the market.

Who Murdered Elvis? 5th Anniversary Edition delves deeper into the Presley’s murder. It reveals interviews with doctors who were at the autopsy, as well as celebrities who knew that he was murdered telling the story of what happened to them when they spoke out. It also tells the story of threats and other odd events that happened to the author after volume I in the book series was published.

Both volume I and volume III in the book series on Elvis Presley’s death conclude ten years of combined research revealing new and continued evidence on how Elvis died, who was behind the murder and why the true facts of his death continue to be covered-up. Learn in shocking detail who profited from Elvis Presley’s death in 1977 and why a live Elvis stood in the way of a windfall of profits.

Nearly fifty years after his death, the cover up of Elvis Presley’s mysterious murder is alive and well, and this book exposes who’s highly motivated to keep it that way. If you’re ready to unlearn all of the lies that you have been told in the mainstream, this book is for you. In volume III, the truth got bigger and bolder in so many ways. Prepare to be shocked. Order your copy now and don’t forget to add your review to the website!

Elvis’ doctor admits he was murdered

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