Who Murdered FDR?

Volume II
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This book on FDR solves the case

Who Murdered FDR? is volume II in the book series and it tackles FDR’s cause of death proving with new evidence that it wasn’t due to the advance of polio, it was due to the advance of poison. This jaw dropping evidence was turned down by every publishing company in the nation due to its shocking narrative, hard hitting content, and investigative prowess.

Sidestepping the media conglomerates who own the publishing companies was the best way to deliver its information directly the people who need to know the truth. In doing so, this book has been heralded as one of the best books ever written on FDR’s death. FDR’s cause of death is a mystery that as has haunted Americans for almost 80 years, and its mystery that has finally been solved.

In 1957, 12 years after FDR died, Eleanor Roosevelt hired a private detective to get to the bottom of the president’s suspicious death. Similar actions were taken by Vernon Presley after learning that Elvis was murdered. They both thought that they were going to find answers, instead, all they found were more questions. Eleanor Roosevelt was told that FDR’s medical records were stolen from a locked file at Bethesda Naval hospital. Four people had authorized access to file, but no one was talking.

This presidential whodunnit screens the suspects through the criminal process of motive, means and opportunity revealing the one person who was responsible for murdering the 32nd President of the United States. A man who died while he was alone in a room with two foreign spies. This is one of the best books written on FDR’s death and in the end, it and fulfills its title. In only 225 pages, you will know Who Murdered FDR?  Buy your copy today!

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