Who Murdered Tesla?

Volume V
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New details on Nikola Tesla's death

Volume V in the book series investigates Nikola Tesla’s death and answers the age-old question: how did Nikola Tesla die? Nikola Tesla’s death has been shrouded in mystery for decades, but new evidence proves that his death wasn’t just the passing of old man – Nikola Tesla was murdered!

Tesla filed 278 patents in 26 countries and developed technologies that threatened the world’s most wealthy, powerful, and influential people. As his innovations grew in magnitude and popularity, he became the target of powerful enemies who owned monopolies that were built on outdated technologies. Tesla was threatening to upset balance of power in the world, and there were people who knew that he needed to be stopped.

At the peak of his prominence, his New York laboratory was torched destroying decades of notes, sketches, calculations, and equipment that would have turned global billionaires into paupers. That fire resulted in the greatest loss of inventive design in history. As he grew older and developed highly advanced military weapons, he became fearful of his safety and rented a room in a hotel room so he’d would never be alone. There he was continuously stalked and spied on by governmental operatives and his room was ransacked resulting in the theft of his most important documents. The theft of his research documents can be traced to two US Presidents.

This book on Nikola Tesla’s death gathers his murder suspects running them through the criminal process of motive, means and opportunity, and in the end, you will all know who was responsible for murdering the worlds wizard of electricity. This is the most telling, and powerful books on Nikola Tesla ever written. Order your copy of Who Murdered Tesla now!