How did Princess Diana die?


How did Princess Diana Die? Volume IV of the book series is one of the best Princess Diana books ever written. It provides shocking new evidence that answers the decades long question; “how did princess Diana die?”, but the truth can be a scary thing, in fact, it can be so scary that publishing companies won’t print it. Why? Because their owned by the same media conglomerates that have been lying to you about Princess Diana’s murder for decades. This book is nothing like the other Princess Diana conspiracy books you may have read. The facts in this book are so inflammatory that it had to be self-published to avoid mainstream censorship. For the first time, a book delves deep into the power players, their agenda, and names of the people who planned her murder. In the end, the book answers the age-old question revealing how Princess Diana died. In less than 200 pages the Princess Diana conspiracy will be solved, and you know Who Murdered Diana? Buy your copy now!

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Who Murdered Diana? is the forth volume in the book series. It is a hard probing look at the life of the princess from childhood up to and including her courtship to royalty, her time in the palace, her tormented marriage, her post marriage affairs, and finally her murder. 60% of the book dissects and probes her post marriage life and the enemies that she made outside (and inside) of the palace which lead to her untimely demise.

Her enemies mounted privately as the queen despised her. She felt that Diana had made a mockery of the royal family by divorcing a member of the bloodline. Adding insult to injury, Diana had become more popular and more influential than any member of the royal family. Price Charles hated her for all of those reasons, and a few of his own. The divorce from Diana had transformed him into being the first jilted spouse in history and he despised the black mark that accompanied it.

The members of the royal family hated her inside the walls of the castle; and she fared no better on the outside. Her boyfriend’s where threatened, her phones were tapped, and she constantly feared for her life. In fact, she often told her close friends that she knew she was going to be killed. This harassment intensified with her courtship to Dodi Al Fayed whose billionaire father owned many financial investments in England.

Shock waves went through the British government when it was learned through their wiretaps that Diana’s Arab suitor had proposed marriage. Complicating matters were Diana’s involvement in global charitable causes such as anti-landmine campaigns, and future small arms bans that were threatening the monetary balance of power. The world had enough of Diana’s meddling and the inevitable needed to happen. She needed to be rubbed out. As with all books in the series the suspects were gathered and screened through the elements of a crime: motive, means and opportunity. In the end, they would “make it look like and accident” and the book would reveal who “they” were.

4,000 hours of investigative research, writing and publishing would go into this book. It’s a “tell-all” work that is far different than anything that has been written on the death of Princess Diana before or since. In the end, as the book claims, you will know Who Murdered Diana?


Steve Ubaney

2 reviews for How did Princess Diana die?

  1. Donnyboy

    Wow….I never knew this information even existed!! Great murder series of books by the acclaimed author Steve Ubaney. You can read along and connect the dots with what really happened to Elvis, FDR and Princess Diana. I have learned so much by reading these books!! Love it…..they are now a treasured part of my home.

  2. Dr. Margaret Bigg

    Who murdered Diana? Explores all the circumstances surrounding Diana’s death in a concise factual read. It details all the person’s and groups who had motive to eliminate a kind generous woman. With the 25th anniversary of her death approaching it is time to revisit the facts around her untimely death and it’s suspicious circumstances. This book accomplishes that.

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